Auktion för barnen i Ukraina



Välkomna på Möbelauktion och Loppis den 27 september!

Vi som håller i arrangemanget tillhör organisationen Barnens Hopp ( hopp

Kom och lämna möbler och saker till loppisen fredagen den 26/9 mellan klockan 15 och 19, eller på lördagen den 27/9 mellan klockan 10 och 12.

Sakerna lämnas på Studievägen 6 i Sollentuna.

Alla pengar går till barnhemmet/familjehemmet i Novy Dom i Reni, Ukraina, som organisationen stödjer.

Vår secondhandbutik har också öppet den 27/9.

Där säljer vi porslin, kökssaker, prydnadssaker, barnsaker, tyger, krukor, böcker med mera.

Klockan 12.00 den 27/9 startar loppisen. Klockan 13.00 börjar auktionen och klockan 15.00 avslutar vi dagen.

Vid frågor, kontakta mig, Elin Persson på telefon 073-773 55 50.

Välkomna att fynda! Så hoppas jag att vi ses den 27:e september.

Barnens hopp har 90 konto vilket innebär att alla pengar insamlade av oss kontrolleras noga av Svensk Insamlingskontroll


Webshop for Ukraines children


It’s ready. Now you can easy become a sponsor on line to a Ukrainian child.

By going to our web shop and click at the pic sponsor and than go to the checkout and pay with pay pal or Card.

Do you want to join us to help children in Ukraine to a life worth living.?

I thought so , visit our web shop.

Thank you in advance.

Barnens hopp have a so called 90 account means that all money collected by us is strictly controlled by Swedish Fund raising 


Ukrainian children needs your help


This is Anya her life changed totally when we got hold of her.

In a ramshackle house, with a bedridden grandfather, an alcoholic grandmother, aunts respectively and their children.

All with the same problem alcohol.

Mom lived with Sveta in the middle of this mess.

Mom also has problems with alcohol, and that she is never at home, she goes from man to man, enjoying a free life with lots of sex.

It is so hard to understand HOW you can leave your own child.

18 juni 2014 k

Anya has flourished and have now a life that makes a life worth living.


Will you be one of them who save a child in Ukraine. We welcome the contribution.

You can easily help us by giving your contribution online at our web shop. There you can choose where you want your money to go.

You pay with Paypal or card.

click at this link and you will come direct to our web shop
Colder seasons are coming, the kids need to have warm jackets and shoes, among other things.

Barnens hopp, Childrens hope have 90 account. All money is strictly controlled by Swedish Fund raising.


School start in Ukraine


On September 1,  the school  starts in Ukraine. Many children need your help to be able to go to school.

Many children around the villages need exercise books in mathematics, pens, textbooks, backpacks, school uniforms, two white blouses / shirts, shoes.

Want to help a child to be able to go to school than go to our shop online and give your contribution. Pay with Paypal or by card online.

Click the pic Education. Your contribution is changing and helps a child very very much.

Thanks in advance 

Our money is strictly controlled by the Swedish fund raising control a so called 90 account 


Auktion för Barnen i Ukraina


Vi uppmanar alla som inte vill ha sina möbler kvar längre av en eller annan anledning, att skänka dem till Barnens hopp auktion den 27 september.

Inlämning för möbler och loppisprylar  fredagen den 26 september mellan 15.00-19.00 eller lördagen den 27 september mellan 10.00-12.00 vid vår butik Studievägen 6 i Häggviks centrum Sollentuna

Kl. 13.00 drar auktionen igång och håller på till 14.00. Det är möjligt att
vi även auktionerar ut saker från butiken om det hinns med. 

Genom att ropa in möbler eller handla i vår loppisbutik stödjer du vårt arbete med fattiga barn och familjer i Ukraina.

Varmt Välkomna

You can help Ukraines children on line


This link take you to the web shop

Many children in Ukraine need help.

School is soon starting and they need to have clothes, school books and all the material they use in school.

It is not easy when you have poor parents.

The summer is soon over and we stand in front of a very difficult time for families and their children.

They have no money to buy wood. They live in terrible house,

Many of them have plastic covered the window.

They have no food. It is extremely poverty.  

We deliver food to 40 families every week. Families with many children.

We ask you kindly to help them through this winter


Barnens hopp have a 90 account, The money we collect is strictly controlled by Swedish fund raising 


Soon schoolstart


In a few weeks the school start again . On September 1, starting school in Ukraine.

Would you like to help children whose parents don’t have money to buy school uniforms for the children. 

A boy needs a pair of pants, a jacket, at least two changes of  shirts.

A girl a dress, tights several couples, and at least two blouses.

Everyone needs shoes and gym clothes.

It is a though time for the parents.

 they need to buy  some school books, all school supplies.

Sure, the school is free but it is not consistent with reality.

Want to help us with school starting, you are more than welcome.

Put your contribution on Barnens hopps account 901064-6 and mark the form ”Back to school”

For those of you who live in outside of Sweden, it is easier to go online to our web shop and give your contribution in box training.

With a simple click, you can pay with Paypal or with your card.

Your help is needed for Ukrainian children

Thanks in advance