Help to Ukraine’s children


Would you like to help Ukrainian children. The children who come from poor backgrounds.
It’s still summer. But time passes quickly.

Would you like to help us raise money for winter clothes and into a soup kitchen?

The kids have broken and bad clothes that are not good enough in any weather.

We’re giving away clothes to the children to our food families (the families we help with food every week)

but also to the children who attend Pastor Ockerts Kids club.

The children will go to Kids club  and get something to eat.

Kids club has become a major focal point in Reni.

If visit you will see this picture as I show in today’s blog.

It will be replaced soon, but here you can give your gift and pay online with Paypal or by debit card.

We have set 50 SEK = $ 15 .

But you pay of course how much you want.
If you click on the picture above, you will direct to the Children hopes webshop,

and if continue to click on this image, the money is earmarked and only goes to this purpose.
Thank you for your gift it will keep a child warm and have something in the stomach.

Children’s hope have a so called 90 account , means that all money who collecting by us

is strictly controlled by Swedish Fund raising 


Sandwich and Fun


Today Silvia, Vanja and I helped Kids club to make cheese sandwich and ham sandwich.

Then we made hot cider and put them in big thermos we have.  

Many of the children comes from very poor backgrounds and it is a blessing for them to have somewhere to go.

Nina and I also went to a nice secondhand store here in Reni and bought a lot of clothes. 100 pieces  for 300 grivna .

T-shirt, shorts and a lot more.

Now Silvia, Serjozha and I will start to make 80 pancake for kids club tomorrow.

We do it with pleasure because we know how grateful the children will be.


Pastor Ockerts text:

Today was another special day at 45 Odesskaya.

We shared about the swallow finding a nest at the altar of the Lord…

and also how much more each one of the kids are worth than a little bird!

They made their own feathered swallows to always remember this.

detski club

”The Farm” and ”Kids club”


The younger kids in Novy Dom have started  the project ” The Farm”

Every day  Vadik drive them to  the library where their Nanny Valentina create with the kids.

They work with yellow mud.

The mud we pick in the village Dolinskoe. Then they add some water and knead.

The children have chosen animals that they will be working with.

Animals that live on a farm.

When the clay has dried, the paint them.

The hard job is to knead the mud so it becomes soft and fine.

The children who is 6 years old and older join Kids club every day.

It is Pastor Ockert who invite all children to play and eat .


It is so hot in Reni so everybody likes to play with water.


We have five children joining the Kids club. In summer it is every day but in winter once in a week.




26 juni12

Two boys get so happy for food. In recent days, they have only eaten half ripe small plum.
The family live in deep poverty.

One of many in Reni and villages – there are any number of people who need help to survive.

 This time of the year, it is easier because you can sow and reap herself.
But later in the year when people may also pay with their life

26 juni 17

The temerature can be minus 15- 20 and snow,  and poor house and no food to eat kills people

Would you like to help us in our work, you are welcome with your contribution

Children’s Hope  account  901064-6. (Nordea Bank)

For those of you who live outside of Sweden need these codes

IBAN SE42 9500 0099 60420901 0646


Our account is controlled by the Swedish Fundraising Control

Thanks in advance for your help to families living in poverty in Ukraine




We are filling our basement.

Now we have really busy days :-) We are going to fill the basement to the last shelf.

We have entered into Raspberry and Apricot time.



Strawberries, plums, cherry days are gone.

Everyone in Novy Dom help Lidia our chief to pick berries and fruit.

This year we will probably break records. I’ll certainly buy 100 more of 3 liter cans.

We have not enough

The boys dry mint leaves every day. There will be a healthy and good tea.
I learn something new every day of Ukrainians.


But I’m also glad that I was able to bring something.

They didn’t know they could make tasty lemonade of Elder flowers .

So this  flowers picks most of our neighbors now.

skördar 030

We freeze our lemonade because it is not so durable.

Yes it’s a wonderful time we have right now.

You see people out in the fields working from early morning to late evening.

Everyone has their little patch of land they grow on.

It  will be a lot grapes this year, in September they will be ready.


skolavslutning 106

Now we have made 40 jars of strawberry jam. The kids and I clean the strawberry-

Lidia work  extra today.

She counted in the food  basement that we have 201 pieces 3 liter jars with strawberry compote.

Soon, we’ll start with the cherries.

It is raining outside and it is a perfect day to work inside.

We have a big kitchen and  the laughter sound all over the house.

Even the smaller children helps. They sit on the floor and cleans peas.