Do you want to become a sponsor

26 juni12

Do you want to become a sponsor, to children in Ukraine living in poverty.

Then you are welcome to us in  Children hope.

We live and work  in southern of Ukraine with families who find it difficult, to give their children food for the day.

There are no jobs, prices have risen extremely high due to the war going on in Eastern Ukraine.

It’s so easy.

You can sit at home, in front of your computer and give your contribution.

In our web shop, you can click on  sponsor (fadder).
The money will be donated to our work in Reni.

Children’s Hope has a 90 account, which means that all the money collected by us carefully monitored by the Swedish Fundraising control.


Become a sponsor you too.

Give a child a life wort living.

Thanks in advance


click at the link and you will at once come to the web shop


Many children are sick


Many children are sick.

There are still many children sick around us and in the seven villages.

Cough, fever and colds with fever.

This has been the worst year ever.

Most of the parents in the villages do not have money for medicine,

they also do not have the money to visit the hospital.

Children need to have pills that takes down the fever,

cough syrup and ointments for their herpes around the mouth.
We need help to buy these medicines.

Can you help we are very grateful.

It is simple.

You go out on our website and in the menu bar you find the web shop.

 Click and go straight to our online shop where you can make your contribution in the picture medicine.

You pay with your card or Pay Pal account. Many small streams turn into great oceans we all know that.
Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Our beautiful garden


Our wonderful garden has come to life.

The new project this year was a small pond. Serjozha K and Serjozha R have done it together.


They found the idea on the Internet. In the bottom a tire then thick plastic, stones, flowers and pump.

It’s beautiful.

The next project is to renovate the entire food cellar.

It should be embedded filled and painted.

Then we build new acclaim and replacing roofs.

We should have the same roof as the rest of the house.

The fences are painted, gate and garage door as well.

The whole house shining clean and tidy.

trädgård 1

It’s only pool that is left, but it’s still a bit early to put it out.

We wait a little bit more  more.

But otherwise, we can begin to celebrate summer here in Novy Dom  

trädgård 4

Do you see the stork at the roof :-)

Spring is here

potty training

Spring has come to us and hopefully will stay.

We have around 20 degrees every day and everything is in full bloom .

All wonderful colors.

It is simply wonderful. The kids are out playing in the sandbox.

Laughter is heard between the houses.

We try to get Bogdan to sit on the potty and diapers have taken away from him in the daytime.

He comes in with wet pants and looking accusingly at me, as if it were I who peed on me.  :-)

But he has  a few times shown with his hand that he should go to the toilet.

He gets excited when it succeeds

But he has not understand properly.

A few days ago he came out with the potty on his head.




The Pelican and the storks arrived for a couple of weeks ago.

And it is amazing to see them in thousand and thousand in the sky

More children


We have two new boys in Novy Dom. The background as is always , terrible. 

Yes this is a home, believe it or not. But it is the truth.

Every single time we have the same question we ask. How can the authorities let it go so far ?

Why don’t they take care of the children much earlier than they do today.

The law, they said, and this is also the truth. They follow the law

The law is terrible for the children and must be changed.  

 I hope it will change when I am still alive. 

More children mean that we need more help.

If you can help us please do it.

Visit our web shop and make your contribution.

Go to our web sit

and in the menu you click at web shop and you will come direct to the shop.  

It is simple, you can pay with your Pay pal account or with your card.

Barnens hopp (Childrens hope) have a so called 90 account, means that all money that we collect, is carefully controlled by the Swedish Fund raise control


Thank you for your help 

We need help


The rain is pouring down and it is wet and humid.

The flue have gained new impetus and there are many children and adults who are sick.

A terrible cough, high fever, pain in the entire body and ear pain.

We need help to assist the poor children  families with medicine.

They have no money to buy medicine.

Last week, two people died of pneumonia.

Not a contagious pneumonia, but the people were in such poor condition that they were unable to have  pneumonia too.

It’s easy to help.

You just need to go out on our web shop and give your contribution to medicine,

You pay with your Pay Pal account or your own card.

It only takes a couple of days before we receive the money.

First, they will be registered  in Sweden than we receive them .

We are grateful for all help so we can help more children in care.

Children’s Hope has a 90 account which means that all money collected by us

carefully monitored by the Swedish Fund raising  control.



Click at the link and you will come direct to our shop

Thanks in advance for your help

We need help


It is a virulent flu around us.

Our kids have been sick as well.  Still we have some of them in bed

In the schools, there are four, five students in each class, the rest are at home and sick.

We need help with medicine.

Nasal drops, ear drops , for pain and fever,for aches, cough syrup, ointment for herpes etc.

In our web shop, you can help us with medical care. Everything can be done from home .

Click on medicine kit,  and pay with your card or Pay Pal account.

Wherever you are in the world you can give your support.

Parents do not have money to buy medicine for their children,

and if the children don’t have treatment, it  is a risk that it goes into the lungs.
We are grateful for your help to the Ukrainian children.
Children’s Hope has a 90 account which means that the money collected by us carefully monitored by the Swedish Fund raise control.
We are proud of our low administrative costs it’s around 4%.

As an 90 account holders you have the right to have 25%  in admin cost

but we want that the money collected by us should go directly to the purpose.

We are very  proud of it.

Thank you in advance for your help

Click at the link and you will come to our web shop direct